The Flow! June 23, 2013 – July 7, 2013.

Next scheduled update July 6, 2013!

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Supermoon!

Ugh, I guess you half-expected that, but I suppose it’s equally expected that you’ve already heard that this month’s Full Moon on June 23rd at 4:32am is a supermoon.


And, probably many of you have also heard that it is because this month’s Full Moon occurs soon after the Moon is closest to the Earth, it’s perigee (peri – close, gee – earth from the same word we get Gaia.)

The idea of a “supermoon” was originated/discovered by astrologer colleague Richard Nolle, who I used to know from several astrological e-mail lists in spirited days of yore. He wasn’t particularly fond of me and I thought he was a bit of a prick, being only interested in his own theories, but his name gets mentioned by NBCNews every once in a supermoon, and when people first hear of my name, they start imitating an owl.

Ah, such are the vicissitudes of fate — at least for now. And just to show there are no hard feelings, you can read all about the Supermoon at his website: here.

Generally speaking, in an average month the Moon’s distance from the Earth is 384,400 km; Between 1750 and 2125 the furthest it gets is 406,720 km and the closest is 356,375 km. At Sunday’s Full Moon, it will be at 356,997. Pretty close, but the closest it EVER gets during that time frame was January 4th, 1912. Conjure up your ancestors to hear how memorable that was.


Supermoons also happen fairly often, and fairly regularly. For example, the last big Supermoon was in the antiquity of March 2011, and supermoons also follow the 18 year Saros/Moon’s Node cycle, so mark your calendars — in June 2021, there will also be a similar Supermoon.

They are fun to watch though, and because this Full Moon will be so low in the sky, it will appear bigger and more deeply colored because of atmospheric refraction, especially at moonrise and moonset. Definitely not a sight to miss, so take a look up and bring your best camera!


What, exactly does a Supermoon mean, or more to the point, what does it do?

Astrologers, as a whole, don’t make much of distance. In fact, one of the main premises of astrology is that tiny tiny tiny Pluto, way way way out there, can have every bit – if not more influence than a closer planet like Mercury. Truth be told, as a rule when considering the transits, slower and more distant planets are given more (considerably more) weight than faster moving closer planets.

You might call it the “wagon wheel” theory of astrological influence. The slower moving planets dig deeper furrows in the road because they spend more time influencing the geography in which they travel than faster moving planets whizzing by.

However, I don’t think it’s wise to discount distance as a metric of influence. We all do know that the Moon has considerable influence on the Earth, and that influence intuitively should be stronger the closer the body is to us.

Therefore, we can expect this to be a stronger Full Moon than usual. This is particularly true since the Sun will be in the Moon’s own sign of Cancer further adding to the strength of the Moon, although since this is a Full Moon and the Moon will be in the opposite sign of Capricorn, it isn’t a particularly jolly place for the Moon to be.

Because of the areas (the axis of the Solstices) that both Sun and Moon are in at the time of the Full Moon, this is a Full Moon that focuses considerable energy on the following dichotomy:


That’s a biggie.

We (the US, and perhaps others) are currently deeply embroiled in the question of where does privacy begin and the government’s awareness of our behavior end? And another prong in that same fork is the degree to which our behavior on line is our own, and the degree to which it can be used by corporations without our explicit permission? Or still yet, how far are we willing to sacrifice freedom (Cancer) for the sake of our security (Capricorn)?

On a more personal level, the question becomes are you the boss at home, at work, or at play? Or is your behavior subject to the authority of another? Even bosses have “bosses” to whom they must answer, so “who’s the boss?” can be a very subjective matter. And since the Moon revels in subjectivity, you can give yourself a migraine trying to suss out all the inter-relationships of authority in your life.

Ultimately, it comes down to our decisions – and the ability to make decisions about the manner in which we are able to lead our lives. So, in this Full Moon period (till the next New Moon July 8th) we are likely to be confronted with situations that serve as markers on the boundaries within which we live, and agree to live within them.

Changing the boundary is easy, if you are willing to accept the consequences of doing so. So yes, we are free to refuse to pay that bill, move to a nicer place, walk off the job, or just take off and not look back.

But what would the repercussions be?

To what degree, then are the boxes in which we live constructs of our own creation bounded by the denizens of our nightmares? Or are we truly hemmed in by real restrictions that breaking out from under would only create substantially greater restrictions (like prison). Or are we simply content to live within the constraints in which we find ourselves? This Full Moon can give us an opportunity to peek outside and get a better sense of what our answers might be. The view may be chilling, but it will certainly be liberating. What price freedom? And is it a price we are willing to pay?

Astrology offers some guidance. The place of the zodiac of maximum freedom is the Summer Solstice, 0º Cancer, which we passed this Thursday, June 20th at 11:44pm. And the place of maximum authority at the opposite, Winter Solstice at 0º Capricorn.

Leading up to the Summer Solstice is the principle of EXTERIORIZATION, or the bringing out that which is inside. It is a time of letting loose, letting off steam, and acknowledging some of our own inner wants and needs. It is also a time, as we have seen, in which things that were secret come to the light of day.

During the sign of Cancer, we address those inner feelings, intuitions, and sensations and come to understand them and ourselves, better. We make choices in those areas in which we are FREE to do so, in order to establish ourselves and forge an identity that comes into being in Leo.

In other words, astrologically speaking, freedom acknowledges our inner wants, needs, and talents and uses them to establish our own sense of Self. In that sense, so long as the decisions we make are supported by being an expression of our true nature, and an awareness of our personal landscape, they help establish ourselves in the world. It’s the same thing Shakespeare has been saying since 1603, “To thine own self be true…” As we travel through the next couple of weeks, that may a good catchphrase to keep in mind.

Or, you can simply submit to authority. That is Path B. Often submitting to authority is the easier and more comfortable route. Equally often, it can come at the expense at one’s pride, authenticity, and feelings of self-worth. You may feel like a peanut in the mixed nuts nuthouse of our world, but you’ll be a good safe little peanut – until you are plucked out of the can.

C’est la vie. The next two weeks should tell much of the tale.

But even more important than the Supermoon, and far more likely to affect all of us, is the Ingress (entry) of Jupiter into the sign of Cancer on Tuesday, June 25th at 6:40pm:

Jupiter in Cancer:

ARIES: All that running around will soon come to an end as you begin to focus more on your personal life. You’ve been the center of attraction for quite some time, and it isn’t so much that your star is fading, but that it’s now time for you to focus attention on your Self. You’ve been spending much of your time tending to others lately, now is the time for your to take care of you.

TAURUS: Jupiter in your 3rd House expands your network and provides new opportunities for you to reach out and make connections with others. Important connections; connections that will help you professionally and personally. Don’t be surprised if old friends pop out of nowhere and try to re-establish contact. So long as you feel they’ll be a positive addition, go right ahead.

GEMINI: Jupiter is apt to put the spotlight on your finances. There may be times, particularly in August and next January when you might be able to improve your financial situation. Legitimacy is your keyword; just make sure that you are devoting your time to legitimate pursuits. Shady characters may try to enter your life now, so use your inner instincts and whatever other resources at your disposal to ferret them out and keep them at a good distance.

CANCER: With Jupiter in your sign, expansive opportunities lie in almost ANY direction you want to travel. The usual problem with Jupiter is that there is often an OVERABUNDANCE of opportunities, and the problem is deciding which of them is best. You, more than anyone have a good sense of your inner values – let that awareness be your lodestone guiding you through the myriad lines of opportunity Jupiter casts in your direction.

LEO: This is your prep year! You’ve been accumulating all sorts of stuff over the past 11 years, some of it good – and some of it stinky. Now’s your time to sift through all that stuff and decide what’s worth keeping and what should be tossed by the wayside. There may be some people you leave out on the curb with those old knickknacks, so try to be as genteel as possible with detritus of the human sort. Also, Jupiter is just thrilled to be in this part of your chart, so you may meet a fairy godmother or two over the next 11 months.

VIRGO: You are about to become a people magnet. No matter how much charisma you may have, you’re about to attract people to you like fleas. Except hygienic Virgos wouldn’t know from fleas. Let’s just say this is usually also a very fortunate position for Jupiter, and he may be looking down at you in a favorable light – offering you the chance to turn some desires into reality, and bring in just the right people to make that happen.

LIBRA: This is usually a good year for you professionally. If you have been struggling in this area, Jupiter may help ease your path. The real situation at hand may have more to do with your reputation and getting the kudos you deserve for the hard work than you’ve been doing. If so, others are bound to take notice of you, and recognize the contributions you have been making.

SCORPIO: If you’ve been reading the other signs feeling jealous, there’s no need. Jupiter in your 9th House is the most favorable of all. But it won’t all just fall in your lap. For Jupiter’s beneficence to shine its spotlight on you, you need to be on the stage and not sitting idly in the audience.  Go. Do. Make. Create. Get busy. The busier you are, the brighter Jupiter’s light will shine on you.

SAGITTARIUS: Jupiter is your planet, so thanks for sharing him with the rest of us! When he’s in Cancer, it’s like he’s sitting in a Jacuzzi, martini in hand, surrounded by acolytes, and puffing on his favorite weed. In other words, he’s HAPPY. And you can be too, if you are willing to examine your life and see what you need to do to take it to the next level. Chances are there’s little wrong, but things have been slow – if not stuck on idle lately. This isn’t really the time for making wild changes, but for setting the table for the feast you would like to eat. Get your chef hat out, and start rummaging through those recipes!

CAPRICORN: Jupiter is in your 7th House, so the focus for you is on your relationships. Some of them may be great, others rocky, but now they are all likely to come to the forefront. In the next year, you are going to better understand what these people mean to you, what roles they play in your life, and what kind of relationship you want with them in the future. That actually gives you considerable power – the important thing is to remember that the decisions are yours to make.

AQUARIUS : Jupiter is a bit fidgety in your 6th House. It generally feels itself confined to small matters, while you’d like to focus on the larger picture. But, that doesn’t mean that Jupiter can’t be of good use. For one thing, this is a great location for Jupiter to help improve your working conditions. Some of you may even get promotions during this time. More importantly, though, you get to rework those relationships that operate from a sense of obligation and responsibility, so that you are less driven by them psychologically, and more capable of relating to them from a position of if not equality, at least equanimity.

PISCES: You folks have been through a lot. You and Jupiter have spent a lot of time working on your SELF, and getting you into shape. Appreciate that work, and let yourself have some FUN! You’ve earned some time to rest, relax, and recuperate. Many of you worry way too much, and that stress is not good for your body. Lighten up a bit. Especially for those of you who work in more creative endeavors, you should find better and greater avenues in which to manifest your art. Loosen up. Jupiter’s light can’t shine in if you’ve got yourself closed up like a sack. Open up and let it’s light shine down on you!

Otherwise, there isn’t a whole lot going on, though that’s enough.

Mercury goes retrograde on Wednesday, June 26th at 6:08am. Y’all know what that means — stay focused, stay alert, and watch out for the clowns. Electronic devices of all kinds are apt to act up, and avoid submitting or implementing anything that might need to be redone at a later time. Mercury will remain retrograde until July 20th. If you can wait until then to make any major moves, you’ll be glad you did.

On Thursday, June 27th at 10:03am,  Venus enters Leo. If you have been feeling moody, sensitive, emotional, nervous, anxious and otherwise on edge, Venus in Leo should lighten your load. Venus (our relationships) delights in the sign of Cancer (our feelings), but after a while often becomes a drama queen in which every little event becomes a staging opportunity for serial melodrama.

Venus in Cancer is perhaps best exemplified by Sarah Bernhardt, and here is one of her quotes: “All the pictures that hung in my memory before I knew you have faded and given place to our radient moments together. Now I cannot live apart from you… Your words are my food, your breath is my wine. You are everything to me.”

Yes, Sarah, we know.

Venus in Leo is more Madonna, “Power without guilt, love without doubt….” or ““Sometimes you have to be a bitch to get things done.”

Things are quiet until July 1st when Madonna (Venus) runs afoul (squares) Snidely Whiplash (Saturn) and realizes that universe can be a bitch back. If you must deal with others that day, try to be as pleasant as you can. Everyone is likely to be in a foul mood, and nobody wants to play nicely. If you bring donuts to the office, you’ll be a hero.

July 4th (Happy 4th of July to our American friends and fans!) The Sun (our Selves) cozies up to Chiron (healing), so it’s a great day for getting things off your chest, doing something nice for yourself, or even better doing something nice for someone who’s letting you get something off your chest.

On Sunday, July 7th at 8:14pm Venus (Madonna gets around) teams up with Mick Jagger (uh, Uranus) for a gig at the Hollywood Bowl, surprising everyone that love, admiration, and adoration can be found in the strangest places. Just when you LEAST expect it, someone may do something really nice for you. You might even break out into a happy tune.

And considering all the stuff going on, that’s a very good way to end the period!

Wishing you all a wonderful two weeks, check back on July 6th for the next edition of The Flow!