Crabby Patties

Mercury has been in Cancer since May 31st. The Sun has been there since the Solstice on June 21st, and Jupiter joined the party on June 25th. As I write this, Mars is about to join them until very late August, and Jupiter will be there until this time next year. And to add a cherry to this Cancerian cake, the upcoming New Moon will throw the sign into added prominence for at least the next few weeks.

As most of you know, Cancer is the sign of the crab. Why it was named that is anyone’s guess. The story told to me was that because at the Summer Solstice the Sun appears to move “sideways”, like a crab. Unlike most myths, this one happens to be true. From a few days before the Solstice to a few days after, the Sun progresses along the zodiac each day, but appears to be at the same height for those few days. It does the same thing at the Winter Solstice, but we’re too busy partying to notice. That’s why technically, the longest day or longest night isn’t always on the day of the Solstice.

800px-Liocarcinus_vernalisSource: Wikipedia Commons

Be that as it may, the origin of the name of the sign has given rise to its unfortunate association with the physical disease, cancer. To the ancients, the hard shell-like nature of some tumors, and the mass of blood vessels attached to them also reminded them of a crab – and the name stuck, though it wasn’t until the 17th century as we became more curious about the nature of the illnesses of the physical body that the word was commonly used for the sign and the disease.

If you want someone to blame, blame Galen the circa 2nd century author of the most widely read works on medicine, built on the works of Hippocrates, the guy with the famous oath.

What of the sign?

Well, to be fair, Cancer is one of the yin signs, and hence has been subjected to a bit of a bum rap for many years (decades, centuries, millennia…) Associated with a more “feminine” energy, Cancer’s place was in the home, and not much else. In traditional astrology, she is looked at as your archetypical “granny” who slaves over a hot stove in the middle of summer to give you milk with chocolate cookies and thinks your every statement and action is the best thing since sliced bread. Because she also knows all too well the work that goes into slicing bread before those newfangled gizmos were invented.

Still, Cancer IS a rather domestically oriented sign, but that is primarily because it is an internal sign that is chiefly concerned with security. And even in this wild and wooly 21st century, both are satisfied most in the place we call home. Milk and cookies optional.

The internal nature of the sign gives Cancers a unique capacity for self-understanding. Sure, you may find one with lots of Leo that thinks the world revolves because they move, or you may also find some with lots of Gemini who doesn’t have the patience to tell you the time of day. But on the whole, they know how they tick, what they want, and how to satisfy their own needs. How in hell do you think they got to know how to be so understanding and able to take care of everyone else’s needs?

The need for security also makes Cancers very protective. Just touch a Cancer, and that hard shell comes up to protect them, and the pinchers are put on full battle-station alert to identify, track, and if needed, destroy any hostile enemy in the vicinity. And in spite of their size, they’re very good at it. That’s why they’ve managed to survive since Jurassic times, and have done so resplendently in 6,793 species in 93 families. Walk into any supermarket, and you’ll find plenty of them available. If a Cancer eats a crab is it astrological cannibalism?

Cancer is ruled by the Moon. Why, is anybody’s guess. But my theory is that about 4,000 years ago, when the planets were associated with the signs, Leo would have been the sign in which the Summer Solstice occurred, which if you ask me, it would make sense for the rulership of the sign of greatest solar strength to begin with the Solstice. And in that case, if you divided the zodiac in half along that axis, it would make sense to put the light half on one side and give it to the Sun, and the dark half on the other and give it to the Moon. Who knows?

But the association with the Moon gives rise to the idea that Cancer is a moody sign, and regardless of its moodiness, which may come and go like the tides, virtually all Cancers need a private place they can go to sulk, I mean,  recharge their batteries.

In spite of all the emotional currents running through their bodies, Cancers are not worriers like Pisceans. Pisces wins the Nobel Worry prize. Pisceans can conjure fantasies that go “boo” in the night, but Cancers are more direct – they PLAN for their future, the future doesn’t just happen to them. They are always making sure that every move is carefully considered to ensure the greatest degree of successful outcome. That’s why sometimes they’re a bit slow to act. But when they do, it is direct, forceful, efficient, and effective. That is also why so many Cancers are so successful at what they do, they don’t waste time or energy – it’s too likely to jeopardize their security.

That may be partly why Jupiter, planet of opportunity, success, and good fortune is exalted (thrilled) in the sign. The natural fertility of the sign (ever see a crab reproduce? A female can lay 100,000 eggs at a pop!) provides greater opportunities for success and a fortunate outcome.

And speaking of good fortune, long-time friends and fans of this blog will recall that on more than one occasion I mentioned that an economic recovery was difficult to come by because Jupiter and Saturn, the two most significant economic indicators were opposed to each other for quite some time. Well, now they are in a harmonious relationship to each other, so we can expect (at least for this year) for there to be a strengthening of the economy along traditional lines. By that, I mean recoveries in the housing market, agricultural and manufacturing growth, and the ability of businesses to take root and thrive. Over the next nine months, we may see several important household names come into being and start their climb into everyday use.

Last time, I went through what Jupiter in Cancer means for all the signs. If you missed that, be sure to check that out HERE, and to be sure you’re making the best USE of the information, you may want to review the FLOWCATOR here, that helps determine the most important signs in your chart for any given aspect of your life. It’s a rather handy tool!

A few general words first, however. People on the whole are likely to be more prickly, and take offense where none may have been intended. People are also more likely to be more protective of themselves, their loved ones, and their cheese during this time, so be careful you don’t step on any mousetraps. Also, and perhaps most prevalently (because it is becoming so prevalent culturally) people are more likely to be PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE during this time. Direct action may be your best course here, remember, crabs tend to move sideways – not often the shortest route to the objective. And finally, this energy is likely to direct many of us to focus our attention on our homes and home life.

MARS In Cancer

Aries: For you folks in particular, Mars in Cancer can be a pain in the butt. But you horned folks know all about butts, eh? Mars in Cancer is likely to force you to face doubts about your own competency, and your own plan of action. Doubt is good, it can make you check your car’s engine before a long trip. But sitting and devising multiple courses of strategy is not your strong suit, and can frustrate your natural tendency to be and do the right thing at the right time. True, your instincts may be a bit bollocksed up at the moment, but trying to untangle that sticky web is likely to frustrate you even more.

Taurus: Mars in Cancer can be your friend. It gives you the opportunity to get out and begin doing some of the things you’ve been dreaming, err, thinking about lately. Time to get up from that big comfy chair and make things happen. You’ve got a strong wind at your back, time to go sailing!

Gemini: Mars in Cancer is also good for you folks as well. It finally gives you a chance to prove your worth, and perhaps offer the opportunity to make some personal gains at the same time. Since things normally happen to you in pairs, you may have to choose between two perfectly fine paths to take. But if you remain true to your values, you should make the right choice.

Cancer: While most often Mars in a person’s sign gives them a boost of extra energy, Mars in your sign can often drive you off the edge. You don’t really need all that extra energy, and it just winds up making you feel anxious and frayed. If, however, you have been waiting for a good time to act and put some plan into motion, this would be a good time to give it a go. On the other hand, if you don’t, you may want to take up a form of physical exercise to help discharge all the pent up forces you feel inside.

Leo: If Mars in Cancer may drive Cancers off the edge, it may drive you bonkers. BEWARE: Mars here may set off some psychological complexes that can undermine the personal gains you have made lately. We all have to face our demons some time, and that time is now for many of you. Just remember that generally speaking, humor is your best weapon. Nothing makes a demon of the deep go PUFF! like pointing your finger and erupting into a belly laugh, no matter HOW vicious or threatening that demon may be.

Virgo: Mars in Cancer is your friend. If harnessed properly, it can be your Pegasus to carry you to the land of your dreams. All you need to do is stay in the saddle and not fall off. You’ve learned a lot over the last few months, put that education to good use.

Libra: You folks are luckier than you might think during this time, at least in terms of your outside life and your career. Your lifetime goals may become a bit clearer now, and you have an added ally in Mars to help slay any evil dragons in your path. This is a career high time for you, if you can take advantage of this opportunity, it can help you secure a better foundation for future growth. You may find your professional life crowding out your personal life, but that may be a small price to pay for the gains you have the chance to make.

Scorpio: While Mars usually is a driving force (if not driving many of us nuts), for you folks this may be more of a time to sit back and reflect on what has befallen you, what it all means, and what steps you want to take to create a new future for yourself. This is a perfect opportunity for you to take the good and learn the lessons of the bad, and use them both to fashion a better tomorrow for you and your loved ones.

Sagittarius: This is a time of great personal focus for you that can signify important changes in your life. If you have been resisting some new elements in your life, this may be a time in which you find yourself faced with some difficult choices. To some extent, you may need more time for information gathering, but once you have all it is you need to know, there should be no reasonable excuse for delay. It’s leap-of-faith time. Will you land on feathers, or spikes? Only the gods know for sure, but there may be no turning back. Say a prayer, and then jump. As Isabel Hickey used to say, “Let go, and let god.”

Capricorn: Mars in Cancer can be a particularly propitious time for you. All the right things are in place, all the right steps have been taken. Now is the time of the fruition of your plans, and many of the things you have worked so hard to create and produce. The last thing in the world you want to do is walk away from the gate of success. Don’t walk away, walk through. And when you do, take ownership of what you find there, you deserve it.

Aquarius: So much to do and so little time to do it! Right now, the world is a bitch, your family is a bitch, your job can be a bitch, everything is just bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch. Chill. Not that you’ll have much time for that, but just take what time you can to prioritize and make sure that the important things are taken care of firstly and mostly. Also important to keep in mind is that above all, you must remain true to your self and your convictions. Nothing can undermine an Aquarian more than self-criticism over compromised principles. Stay true, and make amends if you can.

Pisces: The Sun is shining, but you don’t need me to tell you that. For the longest time, you folks have been walking with your feelers out 1,000 feet in front of you imagining abysses and snake pits ahead on your path. Instead, you find a garden. Stop to smell the flowers. Enjoy!

On Today, SUNDAY, JULY 7th at 10:12pm, Saturn goes Direct in motion. That means it’s time to take responsibility for our actions. If you have recently done something to someone you regret, be proactive and try to do something to patch things up. If you have been on the receiving end of a bad deal, you may find a gate to a new beginning – if you don’t insist on being stuck where you are. Above all, Saturn brooks no fools, so don’t give him cause to go brooking after you!

On MONDAY, JULY 8th at 12:14am, we have the New Moon of Cancer. It’s all about structure and control. What are the structures of our government, our personal lives, or our businesses that serve us, and which do not? How much are we able to control, and at what cost?  Who do we honestly relate with, and who do we manipulate? Over the next two weeks these questions are likely to come to the forefront, and will beg for answers.

This part of the zodiac is known for deep personal insight, so it is possible that if the questions are addressed in the proper manner, you may find a deeper and more profound understanding of the situation than you had previously. What you don’t want to find yourself doing is limiting yourself by accepting things because you are unable to expend a little imagination on understanding how they could be restructured to be more beneficial.

On TUESDAY, JULY 9th at 11:41am, the Sun and Mercury conjoin. So if you DO have some deep thinking to do, now is a good time to do it. It is also an excellent time for putting your nose to the grindstone and getting some decent work done. True, Mercury is STILL retrograde, and will be until the 20th, but that doesn’t mean that good thinking can’t be done. Get crackin’!

As previously noted, on SATURDAY, JULY 13th at 6:22am, Mars enters Cancer.

On WEDNESDAY, JULY 17th at 10:20am, Uranus goes Retrograde. That may be a bit of a sigh of relief if you have been feeling as if you can’t catch your breath because of all the changes going on around you. As Uranus moves backwards in the sky, we reconsider, restructure, consolidate what has been working for us, and prepare to make a fresh start for those things that didn’t pan out as planned.

We wrap up the period on SATURDAY, JULY 20th with several astrological events. At 11:22am, Mercury goes DIRECT, so one again, you are free to get up and move about the cabin. However, since Mercury is in its Storm period (returning to the same place in the zodiac it went Retrograde/backwards) until July 27th, keep your seat belt fastened unless you need to get up.

Also on Saturday is a GRAND TRINE (perfect triangle) between Mars, Neptune, and Saturn. On a social level, this could be a time of a significant discovery that changes the way we think about things. It could also be a time in which a “third way” is devised as a compromise for two opposing factions. On a personal level, it could be the time to start something new that has the possibility of changing your life, or of bringing something new into the world that changes the lives of others.

As always, don’t forget to look up! There’s always something inspiring going on up there, but a couple of things to note: Jupiter has now crossed the path of the Sun and is soon to become a morning star rising higher and higher in the morning sky as the months go by until it begins to appear in the east late in the evening sky in October. And Venus is rising higher and higher in the western sky at sunset, and is joined by the Moon on the 11th and 12th.



That’s it for this two-week period! Wishing you all a wonderful two weeks and the next scheduled update will be posted on Sunday, July 21st.